Apply Student Visa To France

Applying for a student visa to France is a meticulous process and will take some time and scheduling to complete. Unlike some foreign consulates, the French consulates in the United States require the physical presence of all student visa applicants, therefore travel is often required. Studying in France is a remarkable opportunity, so make sure you begin the process well ahead of the date of your departure to avoid last minute scrambling and a missed flight.


Things You'll Need

  • 2 visa applications
  • All supplementary documents including photocopies of each
  • Original passport
  • Campus France registration
    1. Acquire an acceptance letter from the school you are studying at in France. If you are studying in France through the help of your American university, this will be done for you through the administrators of the program. If you are applying on your own, a letter will be sent to you in the mail from the university you will be attending.
    2. Register with Campus France online. This is a new requirement begun in 2007. All students are required to register online at It is a quick registration, and you must pay and print the receipt of the registration fee before applying for your visa.
    3. Locate the French Consulate General that has jurisdiction over your place of residency. There are 10 consulates in the U.S.: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C. (See Resources.)
    4. Print and complete two long-stay visa application forms. The form can be found at the website of French Consulate General that holds jurisdiction over your state of residence.
    5. Schedule an appointment with the consulate. You cannot just walk into the French Consulate and request a visa, names are checked at the door so if you do not have an appointment, you cannot get past the foyer. To make an appointment, access the visa section on the website of (your appropriate) French Consulate and select the link, tab, or button to "make and appointment." The French Consulate operates on a very strict time schedule with limited public hours, it is suggested that you make your appointment at least two to three months ahead of time.
    6.  Gather the necessary documents for application. These include valid passport of the information page, two passport size photographs, the letter of admission from the French university, proof that you you will be covered by your American medical insurance in the case of need, a notarized financial guarantee stating that you will be provided with $800 each month either signed by your parents or U.S. university, the print out of your Campus France registration with your ID number and receipt of payment, print out of your airline ticket to France and the two completed visa applications. Take all documents and applications with you to your appointment.
    7. Retrieve your visa. As of June 2009, the French Consulate revoked the same-day issuance policy, therefore, you will either need to return to the consulate to retrieve it, or pay for it to be returned to you by mail. The return can take up to two weeks.