How to Apply a Malaysian Visa

Do you want to visit the land of many cultures, wonders and attractions and stopover in some of the world’s best beaches and diving spots? Then you got to secure yourself a Malaysian visa.

Malaysian Visa
There are three types of Malaysian visa which are issued by the Malaysian Government for foreign nationals who want to enter Malaysia. These are thesingle entry visa, multiple entry visa and the transit visa.

Single Entry Visa 
The single entry visa is valid for a single entry and will last for three months from the date issued. This is issued for foreign nationals who will enter 
Malaysia for a social or business visit.

Multiple Entry Visa 
The multiple entry visa is valid from three months up to 12 months upon the date of issuance. This is issued to foreign nationals who will enter 
Malaysia for a purpose of business or government to government matters.

Transit Visa 
The transit visa is issued to foreign nationals who require a visa to enter 
Malaysia on transit to other countries. While those foreign nationals on transit without leaving the airport precincts and who continue their journey to the next destination with the same flight does not require a transit visa.

How to Apply Visa
Application for Malaysian visa is done at the Malaysian Missions in your country or in the British High Commission or Embassy if there is no Malaysian Missions that has been established in your country yet.

The applicant should apply personally together with the following documents:
v      Passport or Travel Document
v      Form IM.47 (3 copies)
v      Three (3) passport sized photographs
v      Return or onward - journey traveling ticket
v      Proof of sufficient funds

Who do not need visa to enter in Malaysia
Those nationalities who came from the countries listed below are not required to have a visa in enteringMalaysia for the purpose of social/business visits which not more than three months. For other purposes, a visa is now require...

v      Argentina                
v      Albania                   
v      Algeria
v      Armenia                  
v      Atzerbaijan              
v      Australia
v      Bahrain                   
v      Belgium                   
v      Bosnia
v      Bulgaria                   
v      Czech & Slovak        
v      Denmark
v      Estonia                   
v      Egypt                     
v      Finland
v      France                    
v      Georgia                   
v      Germany
v      Herzegovina             
v      Hungary                  
v      Iceland
v      Italy                       
v      Japan                     
v      Jordan
v      Kazakhstan              
v      Kuwait                    
v      Kyrgyzstan
v      Latvia                     
v      Lithuania                 
v      Lebanon
v      Luxembourg             
v      Moldova                  
v      Morocco
v      Norway                   
v      Oman                     
v      Peru
v      Qatar                     
v      Rumania                  
v      Russia
v      Saudi Arabia            
v      South Korea             
v      Spain
v      Sweden                  
v      Tadjikistan               
v      Tunisia
v      Turkey                    
v      Turkmenistan           
v      Ukraine
v      United Arab Emirates
v      United State of America                                    
v      Yelorussia
v      West Asia countries                                         

While nationalities of these countries do not need to acquire visa in entering Malaysia for the purpose of social/ business visits of not more than 14 days. For other purposes, a visa is required.

v      Afghanistan             
v      Iran                        
v      Iraq
v      Libya                      
v      Syria                      
v      East European countries
v      Baltic                      
v      Commonwealth Independent States (CIS)             

Citizens of IsraelSerbia and Montenegro are not allowed to enter Malaysia for any purpose without prior approval from the Malaysian Government.