Instructions on Applying for a Chinese VISA

In accordance with the law of China on the Administration of Entry and Exit of Foreign Nationals, all foreigners must follow the procedures listed below to apply for a visa and must present required documents.

1. Basic documentation and application form:

Actual passport of more than six months validity with a blank visa page.

One completely-filled application form (The People's Republic of China Visa Application Form) with one recent passport size photo.

Note: if the application form is not completely filled out, or it is not legible, this may cause procedure delay or the visa to be denied.

2. Types of visas and related requirements

(1) Business/Official visit visas (F Visa)

Bank account statement of applicants (more than 6,000 US Dollars); An official invitation from related Chinese government departments or companies / organizations authorized by Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue visa is required. Based on the official invitation with a letter from your company, you can apply for a single, a double entry, or a multiple entry visa.

(2) Tourists/family visit visa (L Visa)

Based on various situations, the Consul has the authority to require applicants to present a tourist visa invitation from a Chinese tour agency or an invitation letter from relatives to be visited. Additionally, you may be required to provide a bank account statement (more than6,000 US Dollars) or hotel reservation information or a photocopy of the actual airline ticket to China. A single entry, a double entry, or a multiple entry visa can be applied.

(3) Student Visa (X Visa)

Along with the visa application, you must provide an approved JW201 or JW202 (Foreign Student Visa Application Form) issued by the State Education Ministry of China, and an enrollment letter from the receiving university.

(4) Employment / Work Visa (Z Visa)

In addition to the application form, you must submit an official invitation issued by a Chinese Government Agency, a government- authorized company to work in an academic and scientific research project, or to provide technical and economic assistance must submit a Foreign Specialist's License issued by Chinese Foreign Specialist Bureau.

Note: For foreigners staying in China longer than one year, you must also submit a notarized health certificate. If this health certificate is initiated in Lebanon, in order to make this legal in China, it must be notarized by your local Notary Public, legalized by the Secretary where the document was notarized or certified, authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants of Lebanon, and the Chinese Embassy in Lebanon. Please read Instruction for Notarization and Authentication.

(5) Transit Visa (G Visa)

A valid visa of the country of destination, or an invitation, and an airline ticket/travel itinerary showing transit through China is required.

(6) Journalist's Visa (J1, J2)

Please contact the consular section of the Chinese Embassy.

Tel: 00961-1-850316

(7) Diplomatic/Official Visa

Officials of foreign governments or members of a diplomatic or consular mission, members of the United Nations, or an international organization, who will visit China on official business or are dispatched to a mission in China, must submit an OFFICIAL NOTE from their government or their employing organizations along with their applications. In some cases, they may be requested to provide an invitation from related Chinese governmental agencies. Primary contents of the letter must include the applicant's full names; his/her rank (title), the name of the employer, passport type and number, purpose of journey, entry and departure date, and the duration of stay in China.

(8) Airline Crew, Pilots and Mariner Visas(C Visa)

For those international airline crew, pilots, and merchant mariners who work for companies with mutual agreements with China, they must submit an official letter from their employer with their visa application. For those who work for companies without mutual agreements with China, a visa will be issued only when a telex and LANDING/DOCKING PERMIT is received from competent Chinese governmental agencies.

(9)Resident Visa (D Visa)

Applicants for resident visas must apply for residency by themselves or through their relatives in China with the local Entry and Exit Administration division under public Security Department. After obtaining approval, they can apply for a Resident visa at the visa office by submitting the visa notification of the above-mentioned division.

3. Visa for foreign-born Children of Chinese Origin

The Chinese Government does not recognize dual nationality.

For foreign-born children of Chinese Origin, if one of their parents has become a naturalized citizen or permanent resident of a foreign country, (for example, possessed a U.S. Alien Registration Card), they are in fact foreign nationals. If they wish to visit China, they must use their foreign passports to obtain a Chinese visa. Procedures, requirements, and fees for obtaining a visa are the same as for other foreign nationals.

4. Methods of Application:

Applicants can appear in person or by designated representatives to apply for a visa at the Chinese Embassy.

5. Visa Validity:

Generally, a visa is valid for three months from the date of issue. Please apply for your visa no more than three months, no later than thirty days before the planned date of departure to avoid expiration of the visa.

6. Processing Time:

It takes a minimum of four working days to process a visa. Applicant can request expedited processing. Express/Special Express is available only with the approval of the consular official and additional rush service fees for $30/40 will be charged.

7. Fees:

8. Person suffering from mental disorder, leprosy, AIDS, venereal diseases, contagious tuberculosis or other diseases shall not be allowed to enter China.


(1) The Validity of the Visa, Duration of Stay, and Number of Entries are issued at the discretion of consular officer, whose decisions are based strictly on the laws and regulations of the Chinese Government.

(2) The consular officers have the authority to refuse any applications inconsistent with Chinese laws and regulations.

(3) The consular officers are entitled to change and /or revoke issued visas. The consular officers reserve the right to refuse any application and withhold disclosure of the reason.

(4) All requirements listed above are subject to change without notice at the discretion and interpretation of the Chinese Embassy.