Applying for Hungarian Visa

Students that will be spending a semester in Hungary must apply for a student visa. It is recommended that students apply for a long-stay multiple entry visa. Visa applications and supporting documents may be mailed to the Hungarian Consulate in New York. The application and processing fee is free for students.

Required Documents
Passport. Must be signed and valid for at least 3 months from the date of intended departure from Hungary
Two passport size photographs (available at Padnos International Center for $2)
Completed Residence Permit application

Supporting documents of the purpose of stay (acceptance letter from University of Debrecen)
Supporting documents of the accommodation (letter needed from University of Debrecen)
Document certifying subsistence in Hungary (bank statement, declaration from parents stating they assume coverage of all costs of the stay in Hungary, document certifying the scholarship)
Letter from University of Debrecen stating that you are exempt from the payment of school fees or that you have already paid the tuition fees
Health insurance
Contact information in the United States (address, phone number, e-mail)

The documents listed above should be submitted by US Postal Service with your passport. It is best to insure your package in the event that your mail is lost or stolen. You must also include a self addressed stamped envelope (preferably insured) in order for your passport and visa to be returned to you. Applications, required documents, and passports may be mailed to the Hungarian Consulate in New York. Please allow a minimum processing time of 15 business days.

Hungarian Consulate General
223 East 52nd Street,
New York, N.Y. 10022-6301