How To Apply Visa for UK and OZ

For those having plan to apply their visa to England or OZ, I just got information telling that UK and OZ embassy have set their Visa Center (just like in malaysia, and other countries).
This is the address:

UK Visa Centre PT VFS Services Indonesia (
Lt. 22, Zone B Plaza Abda
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 59 Jakarta - 12190

Australian Visa Centre PT VFS Services Indonesia (
Lt. 22, Zone A Plaza Abda
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 59 Jakarta - 12190

For UK Visa applicants still can lodge the application via post, while it's more strict at OZ Visa Center. FYI, these kind of centre (we are talking about london rite?) are still new, probably they started the service on 20th of last month. The best thing is, you can apply the visa for yourself. However, unlike using agent, you have to read a lot of material before you lodge your application in order to make sure that there is no single checklist you forget. You still can use agent anyw, but you will get double charge. Those centres will charge you around 100-150K for every application lodged. So, if you have an agent do it for you, so you must pay around 200-250K.

The centres are quite nice. I do love UK Visa centres, it's not too noisy just like in OZ Centres. All visa forms you need can be grabbed here. however, I believe you won't fill the application just in time before you lodge your application rite? So, for the easier way, you can download the application and print it for yourself on their website. Even, I had filled the forms electronically before I printed them. Anyw, The best part is we can track our application. For me, it is interesting to see the change of processing status of my application. The explanation is so good that you will know exactly how your application is treated. Another good feature is you can have a phone consultation to answer your inquiries.

Yet, since it is new, the officers seems haven't had enough experience. Refering the website is their ultimate answer to solve your problem. Hahah, I faced this thing twice since my case is quite special, so I thing I'm the first one who has this case. They just kept saying, please refer information on our website. I don't like have this answer for the second time, I feel like a dumb that doesn't have a good preparation before popping a question. Rite now, I cross my finger and hoping that the officer at embassy won't hind my application.