How To Apply Work Visa to UK

July 05, 2006
There are many ways in which you can get a visa to the UK, says Kevin Woods, who heads the visa department at the British Deputy High Commission in Chennai.
Woods chatted with Get Ahead readers on July 3, where he discussed the various ways of getting a visa as well as the documentation required. This is what he told Sukhpreet, a Get Reader who wanted to know about the various work visa options to the UK.

Woods said, "Dear Sukhpreet, there are many ways of obtaining a work visa in the UK. Working Holidaymaker, work permit, HSMP to name but a few. You will need to look at the Immigration rules the WPUK website and our own website to determine which type of application you might qualify for."
For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Kevin Woods says, Good afternoon everyone. My name is Kevin Woods and I am the Head of the Visa Department here in Chennai. Please feel free to ask general questions about the visa application process. Regrettably given this forum, I am unable to answer specific queries on individual applications but would be happy to do so through the normal channels to ensure confidentiality.

ricky asked, Dear Sir what the documents which must all be attached whiel applying for UK Visa
Kevin Woods answers, Dear Ricky, general documentation advice is available on our website Basically, we ask that you supply evidence of your financial position (or that of your sponsor) and the educational background, including IELTS if applicable.

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Sachin, you will need to apply through the VFS application centre nearest to your residence. They are located at Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Cochin in South India.

Albert asked, Good Afternoon Sir, I have twice been refused visa by BDHC reason being "insufficient funds". I have my own funds and also sponsor's totaling to GBP 30000 (liquid funds). My College fees GBP: 1500 (GBP: 900 paid in advance) for ACCA. I have appealed against visa refusal. Please advise how long the appeal takes and do I have to keep the GBP 900 (advance college fees) with the college during the appeal period or I can ask for refund? Regards.
Kevin Woods answers, Dear Albert, this is not the forum for me to discuss your personal application. However, the appeals process may take anything up to one year before a determination is promulgated. I am unable to advise in the circumstances whether you should seek a refund from your education provider.

columbadmit asked, I've been refused a family visit visa twice earlier. I have an offer from LSE now, will the earlier refusals have any effect on the student visa application?
Kevin Woods answers, Dear Columbadmit, in general terms, your previous refusal will not count against you. Unless, that is, there were problems with the documentation supplied with these earlier applications.
It is worth generally stressing now that there is no need to obtain forged documentation to support an application. Doing so will remove the credibility of the applicant and may well count against them in any future applications.

suma asked, good afternoon, i am currently staying in uk with my husband and i have dependent can i start my further studies here with this visa.
Kevin Woods answers, Good afternoon Suma, there are no restrictions imposed on your studying in the UK as a dependent.

Aks asked, Good Afternoon Sir, I am in the UK on a work permit.. and would be coming back to India for getting my STUDENT VISA. My course fee + living expenses amount to �43,000 for an 18 month duration. How much liquidity should I show in my profile? Are approved loans considered liquid asset for applying VISA? Any precautions I should take when applying?
Kevin Woods answers, Dear Aks, an Entry Clearance Officer would be looking for the evidence that these funds will be realistically available at the time of the application. They need not all be available, just the source. So a bank loan can be accepted as a source but the funds need not all be there before the application can be processed.

karthi asked, hello sir i will plan to apply HSMP please send me procedure is it possible to get
Kevin Woods answers, Dear Karthi, the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme is currently administered through the UK. You might wish to examine the Web site for work permits for further information. If your application is successful there, then you will need to apply for an entry clearance through one of the VFS centres. Clear guidance on the immmigration rules governing entry in this category can be found at

djsaj asked, hi.. good evening ... i m living in austrlia from last 2 years if i need student visa for england should i need 2 apply from my home country or i can apply from australia
Kevin Woods answers, Dear djsaj, you may apply in Australia or a country where you may be considered to be living. You have been resident in Australia for the past two years so will be able to apply from there.

hrita asked, Dear Sir, I have an offer from UCL. I will be applying for UK Visa shortly. I will be putting up with my cousin there. I want to know what documents he needs to send to show that he will accomodate me while I stay in London during the course of my study
Kevin Woods answers, Dear Hritra, we would need to see independently verified evidence of the type of accommodation and its current occupancy. This is normally referred to as a Property Inspection Report.

sukhpreet asked, I want a working visa is it possible
Kevin Woods answers, Dear Sukhpreet, there are many ways of obtaining a work visa in the UK. Working Holidaymaker, work permit, HSMP to name but a few. You will need to look at the Immigration rules the WPUK website and our own website to determine which type of application you might qualify for.

Jagadhees asked, Kevin, I have UK work permit and Residence Visa for 5 years, I worked in UK for 9 months and left to India. Am i able to go to UK, if i change my Company with the same Visa and WP?
Kevin Woods answers, Dear Jagadhees, WP are only valid for the duration and sepecific company. If they no longer employ you, the conditions are no longer valid. You will need a new work permit.

Rajeev asked, I have provided financial guarantee to the Cranfield Univ for MBA programme. Will the acceptance of fin guarantee by the Univ fulfills the condition of availability of funds for Visa? or I will have to separately furnish evidence on the availability of funds?
Kevin Woods answers, No, we will need to see evidence of how you intend to fund both the course and your maintenance and accommodation.

sramak asked, i got a stdent visa in feb'05 n the visa expired in may'06 i went to uk n came back without taking admission in the university due to personal problems. what shoud i do now to renew the visa
Kevin Woods answers, Sramak, you will need to make a fresh application together with the new acceptance letter from your education provider. you will also need to provide an explanation for how you spent the time in the UK.

sukhpreet asked, Can we live after 2 years in Working HOLIDAY VISA
Kevin Woods answers, Sukhpreet, you may be able to switch into work permit categories but there is no guarantee of this. Especially with the implementation of the Points based system.

pappu asked, Sir, I was refused a STUDENT VISA Reason 1. being 54years old educational qualification LLM I intend to acquire and concommittant expenses and the financial benefits post qualification do not warrant such expense and hence I may be going with a different motive to UK Reason 2:Reason2. My salary credits are not shown in the passbook, I keep separat passbook for salries and my fault was that I did not enclose it. Now can I apply again with all proper documentation and also my statement of purpose for studying in this old age -- it is not just financial benefit in my case. Thanks in advance. pappu
Kevin Woods answers, Dear Pappu, you may reapply at any time.

mohsin asked, I will be completing My B.Com exam this October 06 and want to do ACCA from London School of Accountancy.I want to know check about the college affliation requirement and whether this particular college meet the required affairs.Also I am interested to be in London for program starting in April,how early should I start my prepararion.
Kevin Woods answers, Mohsin, please have a look at the DfES website for information on the education provider. You should be looking to make the application at leat 6-8 weeks prior to the start of the course.

bhanuprakash asked, Sir, I have passed my XII-Standard with Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry From Hyderabad Public School-Hyderabad India with 61% marks and my IELTES Score is 243. I wish to study my undergraduation in Biotechnology in UK. how shall i proceed to get a seat.
Kevin Woods answers, Bhanuprakash, the best advice is to go to the British Council or one of the Education UK seminars to be held shortly in Coimbatore, Vizag and Cochin.

ranjane asked, sir, I have completed my M.Tech and one month before i ahve joined in a company.Is it possible for me to get a job in UK.what are the exams i ahve to clear?I alsowant to continue my studies furter? can i get scholarship?
Kevin Woods answers, Again best advice, please go to the British council for advice on scholarships.

columbadmit asked, Kevin, could you please shed some light on how bank loans are treated on a student visa application?
Kevin Woods answers, Bank loans are accepted as evidence of ability to meet the cost and the ability to repay. So, there is no problem with supplying such information nor will we draw adverse inference from it.